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What I want next

What I want NEXT

30 minutes to your future business

Cathy Bonner and Joan O’C. Hamilton

Cover of What you want NEXTWhat I want NEXT shows the stories of people who have taken control of their lives, and are driving their bus down their own unique path. Many of us live a sort of bumper car life, careening around from one nudge to the next. We take a job because we’re unemployed and someone offered us one; we socialize with the folks whose kids our kids play soccer with. It may be OK to follow serendipity where it leads. But then one day there’s the new boss you can’t stand. Your child heads off to college and there are no more soccer games. Or your Mother dies. You’re like the bumper car when the operator flips the switch. You just stop where you are. You can’t steer or move forward. You’re stuck and just not sure what to do next.

Using this book, you complete a short, simple process that helps you specifically describe what you want next. Whether it is to join the circus, open a truck stop, paddle the Salmon river or reconnect with a teenage daughter, this book will help people who genuinely intend to take control of their lives. Maybe he wants to be a rodeo cowboy; she an evangelical missionary.

The book contains something we call “jump starts.” These ideas represent some of the most frequently listed desires for people who are figuring out what’s next in their lives. This is not a “how-to” section – it’s a practical, straightforward “how to get started” section. You’ll soon see that talking about your desires will inspire others to help you; committing to actually schedule time, even for activities as simple as online research, will help you move forward; and applying a little energy and creativity to an action plan will make charting your future more fun and less frustrating!

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